Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy document describes the way we process personal data received as a result of users interaction with our website, mobile applications, and other services (let's call it Service collectively). Please read the full terms of use of KONTAKTPLUS in the Public Offer for the service.

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time. If changes are made to this document, the updated version will immediately be published on the website and in the mobile applications of the Service, in case of significant changes, a notification will be sent to users by email or otherwise.

What data do we collect?

Users can choose the data they are ready to transfer, but all the information we request is needed to provide the service, depending on the part of the Service the user interacts with: the website, the application, the Support Service, etc. We use this data for the purposes described below. The types of data we collect include:

  • Data to create user account: name, email address, phone number, and payment method data, such as credit card details.
  • During registration or use of the service by users, we receive and process data about their location. For example, to show the KONTAKTPLUS scooters closest to the user, it is necessary to collect, record and process information about the actual location of the user's device. During the ride, we track the location, route and other data about the ride.
  • When contacting Support or the Contact Service by any other means, we request contact information or other information to answer the question or to assist. We keep a history of communication with the Support Service and the information provided during this communication, as well as record phone calls.
  • In case of contacting the Support Service or communicating in any other way, we request contact or other information to answer a question or help. We store the history of communication with the Support Service and the information provided during this communication, including recording phone calls.
  • We collect technical information about the browser, computer or mobile device of users, for example, the IP address of the device during registration or use of the service. We use cookies and similar technologies to provide the service. It is necessary for the application on your smartphone to remember the settings, and for us to analyse some data and configure the service for a specific user.
  • We receive some data when we use third-party services, most often these are marketing and advertising tools.

How do we use the information?

We use the user data, including information about the user's location to execute the Public Offer, solely in order to:

  • provide a service at the request of the user, including for account management and ride history;
  • monitor, track and maintain KONTAKTPLUS kick scooters, including during the receipt of the service;
  • process payments and provide discounts, for example, the opportunity not to pay for the start of a ride;
  • provide information about the user's account, for example, about transactions, at the user's request, and communicate with users as necessary, for example, if necessary, inform about changes in the rules of the Service. In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, where the service is provided, we can also send a request for a survey or marketing messages, including information about new features and improvements to the Service;
  • if necessary, fulfil our legal obligations, including the requirements within the legislation;
  • detect, investigate and prevent actions that may violate the KONTAKTPLUS Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, or any illegal actions in which case we exchange information with law enforcement agencies;
  • cooperate with third parties as described below.

Who can we transfer data to?

On occasion, in order to fulfil obligations under the Public Offer for the service, we share user data with affiliated companies and partners, service providers, and third parties. We ensure the safety of this process. Here are those with whom we can partially share the data:

  • Partners and service providers. To provide the service, we attract proven and reliable partners and suppliers. This includes payment processing, customer support, insurance, marketing or promotional activities. For example, we share information with credit card issuers for the refunds and the payments to be processed, as well as with an insurance company when a user chooses an insurance service.
  • Üçüncü şəxslər. Ad, telefon, elektrin poçt ünvanı (göstərilibsə) kimi bəzi kimlik məlumatlarını sildikdən və əldə edilmiş məlumatları digər istifadəçilərin analoji məlumatları ilə birləşdirdikdən sonra biz anonimləşdirilmiş ümumi məlumatlardan istifadə edə, onları sata, lisenziyalaşdıra və bölüşə bilərik. Bu, şəhər daxilində nəqliyyat trafikinin spesifikasının və həcminin araşdırılması üçün üçüncü şəxslərə ötürülən səfərlər haqqında məlumat ola bilər.
  • Third parties. After deleting some identification data, such as name, phone number and email address (if specified), and combining the information received with similar information from other users, we may use, sell, license and share anonymized pooled data. This may be information about rides shared with the third parties to study the traffic specifics and volume within the city.
  • We may share information with state, regulatory and law enforcement agencies only on the grounds provided for by law in response to official requests in order to comply with the requirements set out in the applicable legislation on the territory of the Service. It is done to identify, investigate, prevent and eliminate cases of fraud and other illegal actions related to security, as well as to prevent damage to the property or health of Service users, public members, Service employees or third parties. The information can also be shared with government agencies to protect the legitimate rights or property of the Service, to take measures in case of illegal actions or violations of traffic rules, and to ensure compliance with the terms of use of the service within the Public Offer.
  • Companies affiliated to the KONTAKTPLUS Service. We can share information with affiliated companies to provide services within the Public Offer, including in different cities and countries.

We may also transfer pooled, anonymized or de-identified information that cannot be used to identify a specific person to third parties, including the types of third parties listed above.

Legal basis for the use of data

As part of the Privacy Policy KONTAKTPLUS relies on a number of grounds for collecting, using, sharing and any other processing of information for the purposes described in this document:

  • the data is needed to provide the service and fulfil its obligations under the Public Offer. For example, we cannot provide a service if we do not have payment information and location data;
  • users of the service have given their consent to the processing of information and can withdraw it any time;
  • this is necessary to comply with legal obligations, for example, the obligation to provide information to law enforcement agencies;
  • to protect the interests of users and employees of the Service, as well as the public members;
  • it is permitted by law, and we may process the data in the public interest.

Where can the information be processed?

KONTAKTPLUS is a global service, which means that we work with the data of our users all over the world, and we can transfer this data outside the Republic of Azerbaijan, but strictly for the purpose of providing Services and in a safe manner.

How long is the information stored?

We store information for as long as it is reasonably necessary to provide the services or until the account is deleted by the user, depending on which is the longest period, taking into account the longer period to be required under applicable law or for other reasons.

We may request a copy of your ID card or driver's license before providing certain KONTAKTPLUS services. When we request a copy of a driver's license, we make sure that the document is valid, and we store only the information that is necessary to provide the Service.

When the user deletes his/her account, we may need additional time to completely delete information from our databases and system logs. We can also keep information from deleted accounts to prevent fraud, collect payments, enforce the terms of the Public Offer, fulfil legal obligations, or enforce our legal rights.

What are the measures we implement to protect personal data?

KONTAKTPLUS independently determines the scope and list of measures necessary and sufficient to provide the fulfilment of obligations stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the field of personal data. In particular, KONTAKTPLUS has taken the following legal and organizational measures to ensure the safety of personal data:

  • we approved the Privacy Policy you are currently reading;
  • the number of employees with the right to process personal data and access to it has been determined;
  • we introduce employees directly processing personal data to the provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan on personal data, including the requirements for the protection of personal data and this Policy, and train them correspondingly.

Among the technical measures we use to ensure the safety of the personal data, we can distinguish the following:

  • protection against malicious impact on media with personal data using malicious software (antivirus protection);
  • protection against unauthorized access to workplaces, as well as information carriers storing and processing the personal data;
  • protection of the information system, its means, communication and data transmission systems;
  • identification and authentication of access subjects and objects;
  • control of the access of access subjects to access objects;
  • limitation of the software environment;
  • information system configuration management.